I C PawsAbilities analyzes and solves animal behavior problems using positive, force-free training methods.

Force-Free Training

Gentle Learning

Sharing our lives with animals is a highly rewarding and sometimes challenging experience. Since animals do not come with instructions, we must teach them how to live in harmony with their people and other pets. Animals are rarely ever perfect — we'll help set realistic goals for you and your pet. Our reward-based techniques are based on the science of learning theory and positive reinforcement. Our methods are pet friendly and family friendly and do not involve the use of force or fear. We will assist you in setting up your pet for success and changing your pet's undesirable habits and issues.

Following is a list of a only a few of the issues we are frequently called about with dogs and cats.

Behavior Checklist

Issues with Dogs:

  • Chewing/Destructive Behavior
  • Hyperactivity/Reactivity
  • Leash Pulling/Jumping Up
  • Housetraining/Crate Training

Issues with Cats:

  • Inappropriate Elimination
  • Scratching on Furniture
  • Biting/Scratching

We integrate the principles of reward-based training and the Tellington TTouch Method. This approach is designed to educate people and their pets to live together successfully and build teamwork and communication, all while teaching your animal good manners and real-life skills. Our non-confrontational training style is designed to reduce your pet's stress and arousal level, setting the stage for optimal learning (and fun!). We welcome the entire family to participate in your pet's education — in fact, we encourage it! Training sessions cover such things as teaching you and your pet how to work as a team, how to creatively manage and phase out undesirable behaviors, or how to do specific hands-on techniques of the Tellington TTouch Method to address your pet's individual health or behavioral needs.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons consist of 2-4 participants and their dogs at a client's home. These session include learning a variety of skills that can be customized to the group's specific interests and concerns, and provide a great fun way for friends to work with their dogs together!

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