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    Stop "Whispering" and Start "Listening" To Your Pet! Listening to your pet involves an understanding of the signs and signals animals give when they are trying to communicate their wants and needs or they are trying to relieve stress. These visible and audible cues are commonly referred to as 'Calming Signals' or as 'The Language of Peace.'
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"First, do no harm..."

We all love our pets and really don't want to frighten or hurt them. The good news is — fear and pain are not necessary for effective training!

"When you know better you do better." Maya Angelou It never ceases to amaze me that people will make excuses for abusing dogs in the name of dog training. I must realize however, that they are only doing what they have seen on TV or have been told by another trainer who uses harsh, aversive methods. I truly believe though . . . that when we know better, we do better, which leads me to my goal.

That goal is to educate pet owners as well as other dog trainers about humane alternatives for the treatment of animals, all the way from diet to behavior modification. I do this by striving to set a personal example for treating all living things with respect, by continual learning, and by making others aware of:

Fearful Dog
  • Tools and techniques for creating and changing canine behavior to ensure that a dog's learning and living experience is pleasant and effective
  • Fair and realistic expectations in canine companionship and training
  • An animal's physical, emotional and psychological well-being and basic needs
  • How to create a strong human/animal bond based on mutual trust and respect
  • How anything designed to intimidate or cause fear or pain is not acceptable, and
  • That any tool or technique immediately becomes unacceptable the moment the dog shows fear, pain or distress.

We are well aware that any tool can be abused. Punishment in training may achieve short term results, but simply creates avoidance and the only long term lesson the dog learns is to fear the handler.

Fearful Dog

A high percentage of people, including most dog trainers, are unable to meet the criteria necessary for the humane and effective application of aversive tools. Instead, using aversive tools and techniques is more likely to:

  • Result in physical, emotional and/or psychological trauma for the dog
  • Compromise temperament, create new behavior problems and "superstitious" cues
  • Create an overall unpleasant experience for the dog.

Therefore, punishment comes with an extremely high risk and as a result is unacceptable. Since the majority of dog bites are defensive bites caused by fear, maintaining trust and mutual respect with a dog is critical. Aversive tools and techniques erode the trust bond between the human and dog.

After years of successfully training animals without the use of intimidation, fear or pain, I know that punishment-based training is unnecessary. After all, how would YOU prefer to learn? Would you rather be forced to do something, or be asked and rewarded when you do it? There are as many ways to train as there are trainers, but my golden rule of thumb is simple — if you wouldn't want someone doing it to you, you don't do it to anything else, animal or human!

Most dog owners want to create a pleasant experience for their dog using effective tools and techniques. I provide the owners with numerous humane and effective options and an understanding of how and why each one works.

  • Maddy Testimonial

    Jeff and I can't thank Cynde enough for helping us get on the right track with our adorable rescue dog Maddy. Cynde was amazing with Maddy. Maddy was frightened by everyone except Cynde.

    The first time Cynde came to our house Maddy never barked and immediately felt Cynde's calm, positive energy. Fairly quickly Maddy's excitement was channeled to her natural desire to please and obey. Cynde's approach meshed well with our desire to treat Maddy with tenderness and NO negativity.

    I feel blessed for having Cynde help us get started in the right direction. She is a gift to all dogs and their owners. She has a wonderful and loving heart.

    Sincerely, Jeff and Carol

  • Doe Testimonial

    In 2011 I rescued the most amazing dog that had been through so many traumas and yet she was one of the most loving animals I had ever met. Sweet Doe was not even a year old when she joined our family and she needed training badly, but who do you trust?

    My first attempt at a trainer was a horrible experience for Doe, a horrible experience for me and quite costly to boot. Doe came back from her training disaster fearful, anxious, traumatized and missing hair on her neck from either a shock collar or choke chain. The guilt consumed me and I was not sure where to turn, but then one of my friends told me about Cynde.

    Meeting Cynde for the first time and watching her with Doe I was impressed. She was calm, patient, firm and Doe loved her. It was fascinating to watch the way Doe responded to training commands and equally fascinating to have someone explain to me what certain behaviors really meant. For the first time I was working with a trainer who spoke “dog” and seeing how excited Doe was to learn new commands was a great experience.

    We faced a number of challenges since I am a wheelchair user and many times we had to figure out a modified way of doing things, but Cynde was always there to suggest a different way. The only time Doe became upset was when Cynde left and she would stare longing after her as she would drive away. Even now a year later when Doe sees Cynde she squeals with delight and cannot wait to give her a kiss.

    I cannot thank Cynde enough for the work she has done with us and will be forever grateful for what an amazing trainer she is. I have recommended Cynde to many friends and strangers who I see struggling with their dogs and all who have used her training talents sing her praises.


  • Vincent Testimonial

    Having adopted three pit bulls throughout the years, we have experienced a variety of training techniques and many, many trainers!

    Cynde is PAWS above the rest and certainly one of the most caring! She trains with compassion and knowledge, especially helping us cope with the prejudice we face daily against the breed! Thanks Cynde!


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